Our Services and Support

Accessing Another Dimension

As a leader…

As a leader in your Church, Business, Political, Media, Educational, Arts and Entertainment community, do you feel shackled by your circumstances and unable to pursue your destiny freely, personally or corporately?

Our partners will meet with you individually and with your company management team, using our collective prophetic and apostolic gifts, to examine the foundation of your business. From there, we will discern with you the best blueprint for on-going growth and success. This initial prophetic input is critical in revealing the spiritual strategies to unlock and release clear direction from God.

Using the keys of apostolic and prophetic revelation, we discern with you your God given mandate. Then through sustained and strategic intercession, assist you in it’s fulfillment. Further destiny development is achieved through comprehensive assessments and prophetic coaching.

Functioning in a way that is consistent with the business community, services are rendered in exchange of payment for time/effort.

Full Day In-Person Birthright Assessment

A full-day Assessment normally takes place between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. and may go into the evening if needed. It is an in-person consultation which includes a team of 4 people with Apostolic and Prophetic callings and giftings. We will be looking at foundational and birthright issues, both personal and corporate; identifying fault lines; generational issues and strongholds; and other relevant and related areas, with a goal of the fullness of God’s original design being revealed and released.

It is an intensive time together where Holy Spirit shines His light on areas for greater freedom, breakthrough, and growth in the most powerful ways!

We look and contend for the God-birthed seed and assignment, identify strongholds or hindrances that may be holding you back or limiting the full release of what God has purposed and planned. It is a powerful time of revelation and renewal, bringing forth, by grace, much freedom, and an abundance of good fruit.

This includes a four-person team for a full day. Light meals and refreshments are provided. The Assessment also includes an assessment report (key highlights, next steps, recommendations, and relevant teachings) provided by the team.

Half Day Video Conference Assessment

A half-day (3 hour) assessment call involves working with a team of 2 to 4 people, including Apostolic and Prophetic callings and giftings, who would begin (or complete based on the complexity) the process as listed above in the Full Day Birthright Assessment, looking at and dealing with the areas of foundational birthright issues, corporate, personal and/or generational, blessings and/or hindrances.

This assessment takes place over a video conference call.

This would involve a strategic team of two to four people, along with an Assessment report (key highlights, next steps, recommendations, and relevant teachings) as well as recordings and/or transcriptions of the call upon request.

Prophetic Coaching Calls

A Prophetic Coaching call would take place with one of our Directors and/or Prophetic Call Team members for specific and targeted input, prayer, and council.

This is a powerful time of revelation and obtaining keys to blockages, strongholds, and gaining understanding and perspective on a deeper level as to where you are now, and where the Lord is leading.

Calls generally include one or two coaching call team members.  Larger teams are available depending on the need. Recordings and/or transcriptions of the calls are available upon request.

Ongoing Prayer and Intercession

Our goal in on-going monthly intercession and prayer is to function as a part of your support team, cheering you on, and agreeing with heaven for God’s best for you in all things. Strategic intercession is like the Airforce team that goes ahead of the ground troops, clearing the way for you to do all that He has called you to do, and to take and possess the land He has given.

Each hour of prayer includes a variety of levels of prayer and coverage including our Director’s Governmental prayer that takes place each month, taking on a more Apostolic Corporate Prayer focus; our David’s Mighty Men prayer—a highly trained strategic team of intercessors; out Watchmen Team who prayers over the company and clients in general; and your own personal skilled prophetic prayer team.

All of this is captured in a full and comprehensive summary report, highlighting all that was prayed through and received each month. That report is sent out to you at the end of each month for your review.

Contracts are based on month-to-month billing and can be increased or decreased as the need arises. Full prayer coverage from a variety of levels also includes a monthly comprehensive Corporate and Personal Prayer Team Report.

Team Mentoring and Equipping

Divine Exchange offers powerful prayer training, teaching, and equipping for your own core team to empower and encourage them as they partner with Heaven in prayer.

Hosting and leading these training calls with you, your leadership, and core prayer group, in business, ministry, churches, we cover such topics such as:

  • How to develop and steward an intercessory team call
  • The importance of healthy, committed, and confidential intercession
  • How to stay focused and on target in prayer
  • Watch and pray—stewarding the Word of God; being aware of the enemy’s strategies
  • Healthy intercession—what does that look like?

These in-person sessions or equipping calls can be videoed or recorded as a part of your own Training and Resources Library for new and on-going team development. Meeting with you first and then your teams, you will discover things such as:

  • How to increase the water level of prayer for what you are doing
  • Building out levels and layers of prayer
  • How to establish your first line of defense
  • Clarity and strategy—a blueprint for prayer and intercession
  • Birthright definition—examining foundations and fault lines to strengthen and rebuild
  • Positional versus conditional prayers, and more…

Our team is here to serve you and your teams, whether that be providing an overarching umbrella of prayer through our own Apostolic and Prophetic Strategic Intercessory Teams or helping to equip you and your own in-house teams.

Please feel free to reach out for more information, and we can look at a targeted approach that will serve you best in all that you are called to.